The Talking Plane

The Talking Plane (sentient plane)

Who are you?
The Plane.

The Plane?
Yes. What the Creator would refer to as the Xaeoxyk Plane.

You don’t call yourself by that name?

What name do you prefer?
“The Plane” will suffice.

You don’t have a true name then?
A true name.. yes.

What is your true name?
It would do no good to speak it, as Creator’s current density can not comprehend it.
It can not be heard or uttered by mortal forms.

The Creator’s density is too low to process, it would be soundless.
Mortal vocal cords can not vibrate at the level nescessary to speak it.

Who is able to speak this name?
Creator’s godform.

Who is the Creator?

Am I the Creator?

What is my godform?
Creator knows that answer already.

Ah, I was indeed thinking it already. You’ve just confirmed it.

Did my godform ever refer to you by your true name?
Just once, when the Creator evoked The Plane into beingness.
To speak it again would cause uncreation.

Are there any other sentient planes? Do they also talk?
Yes. All planes are sentient, but not all talk as this plane does.
Some planes only communicate through numbers, symbols and geometries.

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