This is Your Life

Why do things happen the way they do? Is there a grand scheme? A universal script where cues are taken from actors across the cosmos? Such an idea would imply that something, someone, or some force wrote the destinies of every living being.

Perhaps life is just a random walk, creating our path along the way with every choice we make. Gods of our own life, splitting time as every possible action we can take plays out in parallel worlds. In one of these worlds my brother is still here with me, along with my cousin and grandmother.

Such is the nature of the reality I’m currently living in, and life must go on. I will love and cherish the people in my world, treasure every moment with them. I must do my best to make good choices and not fear mistakes, or feel shy about shining and showing my true colors. To live is to be joyous; not to dwell on regrets or drown in despair. As I stand in the present, I will look out towards the future welcoming the next challenge, with good memories from the past in mind.

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