Psychodelic Tunnel

I finally had another dream that was interesting enough to share. Well, that’s not entirely true, I have other interesting dreams, but this one really stood out from the rest.

The details are a bit hazy now, but it just seems to start with me sliding through this colorful tunnel. At times I was floating rather than sliding, as the tunnel turned, sometimes vertical, sometimes angled.

The details of this tunnel were amazing. Like millions of different multicolored twinkling, gleaming gems. As I traveled through it there were other travelers as well. They all seemed to know what this place was, not lost and confused like I was. I was searching for a way out and I felt like they knew, but weren’t telling me. One person finally said something about needing the key. I went on traveling for what felt like a long time and I came upon this flying gem made of many colors.

I wasn’t sliding or floating anymore, but crawling, trying to reach out to this gem key, but it flew away and I kept sliding. A girl grabbed me by the hand as I was sliding away toward what looked like a hole in the tunnel. She redirected me down a side tunnel that opened up which I began to travel down as she passed me the key. The gem key disappears in my hands and I slide faster and faster, the tunnel now a colorful blur around me. The colors start to turn lighter in shade as things slow down again. The tunnel wrinkles as I come to a stop and falls around me like that parachute game in grade school. I wake up, snuggled in my bed sheets which are partly over my head.

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