Back on Attack

Helllooo. At my girlfriend’s house, stayin’ the night. 😉 I always seem to forget to post here, don’t I? It’s been pretty crazy with work one week, and errands and other projects of mine another week, and spending a day at the DMV for liscense, that’s always a blast, but lets not go there.

Going to try and get back into my art ( need to do some more Apophysis fractals.

Spent a while just catching up with the Podcasts and vidcasts I’m into, such as;,,,, to name a few. They’re all very good, I highly recomend them to any geeks out there.

Anyhow, I’ll try and post again soon. Hopefully with more too say. 😛



  1. Jarlyn says:

    Wow I must have been sleeping when you posted that entry lol :-p I was soo tired lol. Did you change your background to blue? I don’t remember seeing it blue. I like it!! 🙂 And if it was blue all along don’t mind me I lose my mind at times :-p Love u though!

  2. phlud says:

    I’ve had that background for a few months I think. One of the more “recent” changes I made to the blog. 😛 And yes, you were dead asleep while I was posting and still talking to Matt, and looking for that netcat app that I finally found.

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