Back home, back since this morning. I have some severe allergies really killing my sinus. Took meds for it which helped big time, but if I get a good torrent of sneezes going my sinus flares up and gets congested. After sniffling and a little tissue action the meds kick in and clear me up again.

On a much ickier note.. there’s a foul smell eminating from my bathroom, and no, I didn’t just drop a dump.. though that may be coming soon. I have a bit of a mildew\mold problem actually. Forming on the toliet from the condensation that’s always on it, mostly on the bottom tank region. But hey, its a cool dank basement, can’t expect much. Everytime I clean it, it returns with avengeance, even worse this time. So I bought some green apple scented Lysol which is supposed to work for mildew n’ shit it says. It covers the order pretty well, but not sure how well or if it even kills the stuff. I really loath having to clean it again. Ick. Also bought a ‘Sweet Strawberry’ scented jar candle from the Yankee Candle store. Favors the olfactory senses very nicely. 🙂

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  1. Jarlyn says:

    You’ll have to tell me if the candle leaves a nice scent. I’m sure it does though 🙂 Goodluck cleaning the toilet when you do…eck!

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