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Dreamlathe – Nexus

I’ve always found controlling my dreams to be fairly easy. I played my dreams like a lute, each string its own dimension, every note a new shade to color my astral canvas for me to escape into. Meeting any kind of adversary in a dream was never a threat to me, as I could control the outcome of any situation I didn’t approve of, even if it was a dream I hadn’t consciously initiated myself.

One recent example of this, I was roaming some ancient looking castle ruins on a wooded hillside at night. After climbing to the top of a large crumbling tower, I encountered a dark sorceress. I could tell she wasn’t too pleased to see me there as she gave me a wicked scowl and promptly began hurling spells at me. I reacted instinctively by raising my arms to shield myself, but found it was unnecessary since the sooty orbs she was lobbing were exploding harmlessly around me creating a spectral colored light show.

Even though initially I had flinched in defense, I realized that I wasn’t scared of the sorceress. That even though she seemed powerful and menacing, I knew that there was nothing she could do to hurt me. She was an illusion conjured up by my lower self. That’s the moment I realized I was dreaming. My face went from a mask of confusion to a smirk of slyness. The sorceress raised an eyebrow of concern, but before I could make a move I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs behind me. I turned to look and standing at the top step was a little girl, 11 or 12 maybe, with jet black hair wearing a ninja outfit. She had large gold cat eyes and razor sharp claws instead of fingers. She flew through the air towards me and unleashed a storm of kicks and swats from her claw-hands.

I ducked and dodged her attacks, then remembering the sorceress encounter, I stopped and just stood there. Her blows were landing, but just like with the sorceress, nothing was affecting me. No pain, no bruises or claw marks, nothing. That didn’t seem to stop this girl from trying though, just kept at it. I held my hand out with my fingers closed and palm forward towards her yelling, “Stop!” The air shimmered between us like a mirage on a summer road. Her body was repelled back to the other end of the tower where she managed to land on her feet with a stumble, almost falling off the edge. Surprised but still determined, she began making a dash towards me. I was getting annoyed by this point and I decided that I had to get rid of this little girl, not to harm her in any way, just banish her from my sight. I touched the tips of my fingers together with my palms apart and closed my eyes in meditation. The dream view switched from first-person perspective to an aerial view just over the tower. Time appeared to slow down, because the girl was running at me in slow motion from twelve-o’clock and the dark sorceress was at four-o’clock just over my right shoulder dead still.

What happened next is a little difficult to describe. I shape shifted into what looked like a troll. Greenish-brown skin, large ears, big warty nose, but I didn’t grow in size, I remained my normal height of about six feet. I opened my eyes, bent over and reached down at the stone floor and pulled up a transparent mesh which I shook vigorously like a carpet. This caused a wave of force to ripple in the girl’s direction, halting her mid-dash. A portal the color of tropical blue water opened just behind her in the shape of a rectangular doorway. Another swift shake of this gossamer carpet sent her tumbling back into the portal door to elsewhere, which promptly sealed itself shut with a crack of thunder. Now in first-person, time restored to a normal clock rhythm, I turn and shift my icy blue-eyed gaze upon the dark sorceress. She stepped back with a hiss snatching up the hem of her tattered black robes, spun once like a windy wisp of autumn leaves and turned into a giant black moth to fly off into the moon-lit night with ink blot clouds.

I awoke in a mild sweat to the sound of rain rapping against the bedroom window. I’ve just had a lucid dream.

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