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Utopia Dream

The Grand Dream will end. Fade to black.

Death will be feared.

This is only a sign that the next Reality Engine is ready to start.

Fueled by Hope & Love. Imagination the Key.

I am…

I am Night, I am Day
I am Simple, I am Fey
I am Arid, I am Rain
I am Comfort, I am Pain

I am All, I am You
I am Creature, I am Zoo
I am Star, I am Galaxy
I am Truth, I am Fallacy


Unseen coyotes howl on a dead pixel night. Out of the blackness emerge ancient dragons long past. Wispy apparitions leftover from snuffed soulflames, echoes in the holo-matrix, stirred up from imagination and nightmare; mere dust devils from the dark recesses of the mind. In a sense, the only thing we truly fear is ourselves.

Samhain Night

Thy beheld the turning and the rotting of the leaves,
And with this sign reaps the final harvest of Samhain.

For the Dark Moon* is upon us to bathe the Earth in Shadow.
The eve lurks with the creatures of the night.

May the sightless slay and sever the heads of their gravest foes.
May all souls find safe passage through the Portal of the Dead.


*Adjust to coincide for moon phase.
Was made in ’05 of October during a new moon some days before Hallow’s Eve.


In a world where everything flows
No-thing stops, everything goes

The colors are vivid to almost alive
And life flourishes, jungles thrive

One warm night there was a great freight
The stars turned out, the omens were right

A tunnel opens at zenith, exuding silvery mist
Turning the black grey, a feuding, brooding cyst

The color has fled, blotted out, world pale and dead
No need for dread, the veil prevailed, just like they said

Ascend the Transhidden

The sprawling labyrinth of mind etched out across the Metaverse. Like a circuit on vast tracers of cosmic conscious awareness; aware and tuned into the non-local unmanifest plane beyond the spatio-temporal manifold of massively shared hallucinations masquerading as Reality.  Floating in a pure void of nothingness without forms, only shades of zero-point potential, teasing the occasional virtual particle out from the quantum foam bubbling at planck scale, vanishing before inception — ending before they’ve begun, leaving a vague and momentary wraith to taunt our imaginations.


Closed doors
Shuttered windows
No outlets
Dead-end roads

Wander aimlessly
On endless paths
Find your way
To lose yourself

Within pointless worlds
Is hard to find
Among empty minds

Employed by passion
Is the aim
Free from strife
One can dream

Lord of the Deep

I sit alone on my cold throne of stone with a staff made of flesh and bone.

By no weapon am I prone, vulnerabilities unknown.

True face and power never shown.

Stay clear of my world or you’ll never return home…
for your soul I shall eternally own!

Escape, to an eternal love

Some days, I know that I can be really down.
I think about the wasted years and become gloomy like a stormy sky.
I just want the best for you.
I want to give you all these things that I cannot give.
I witness your stressed life and wonder
how it would even be possible at all for me to help,
when I myself live an even lesser just as stressed life.
Some times I feel as if I’m being pulled into a blackhole..
somewhere far away from Terra, in the cold expanse of space.

Nothing escapes a blackhole.
Not comets, not asteroids, not planets, not stars nor even light itself!
Although, when you come along, something magical happens.

Your love and compassion seems as though it has the mass and force
equal to an infinite number of universes, which can quickly snatch me away
from this blackhole, pulling me into the warm blanket of starshine that is your heart.

I am forever grateful to have you in my life,
I could not get by without you.
Otherwise I would be eternally consumed by this blackhole,
crushed down to an infinitesimal spec of nothingness.
You keep me safe on the balance, from falling over that dark edge never to return.
I thank you for all your love, and you shall be repaid in full..
with a lifetime guarantee of a debt that I’ve already begun paying;
The return of my love to you, my dear Jarlyn, my kutie, my sweet angel.

Another unltitled love poem

My loving Kutie

My shining beauty

It is in your rays

I find my light.


My lovely Kutie

You fuel my might

To fight the good fight

and Seal our loves rite.


Forever will we be

In a metacolor glee

The Stars, You, and Me.

Untitled love poem

Oh lovey, don’t you see

just how much you mean to me


Kiss you once

Love ever after


Our Being is one

Our essence grows faster


No beast, giant, nor sly dragon

Shall ever wreck our radiant wagon


Which we’ll ride into dreamy sunset

Lifted by the harmony of an angelic quartet

Yuletide Love

This is a magical time of year
Days full of Yuletide cheer
Children await Santa and his reindeer
But the most wonderful time of all,
Is to be with you my sweet dear

The only gift that I wish from you
Is a special something you already do

I need not knick knacs or gift packs
In holiday wraps from red sacks

All I want is what I wish every year
To have n’ hold your love so dear
To be with you and to keep you near

As you see this gift gives every season
It need not rhyme or even have a reason

It’s a magic that can only come from an Angel
A power so pure it can blast a ray of love
From you to me, and to the stars above

May we eternally ride this ray to the end of time

Enduring Love

Quiet souls, hearts filled with holes
We let everything in, take things to heart
Some days the stress could tear us apart
It slowly eats away, then we need to restart

Sure we have our moments, like all others’
But the difference with us, we’re the deepest of lovers
A deep passion, understanding, and emotion
That is stronger than any wizards potion

Our love heals from within and overcomes all
It patches our holes and catches from a fall
The sharing of thoughts and feelings can renew
Which imbues our strength like a coat of glue

So there’s never the need to fret
Since love conquers all, you can bet
When it comes to life’s choices one must choose
Enduring love will be a gamble we’ll never lose