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The non-local machinery ticks away from beyond an unknowable phathom within the oneiric abyss of endless paradoxical possibilities, where even the most unthinkable thoughts come to form creating an infinite array of Metathoughts. A variable army of precogitive neuro-hounds slipping through shadowy alcoves, prey on unsung dreams and hollow wishes; rendered stagnant on the shores of Akal (time). /braindump


Äirisaetheräijatar swooped down for the attack with the calculated precision of a nightjar and the hyper-swiftness of a cybernetic cheetah.

She mustered and belched forth a noxious cloud as she buzzed overhead. The grey, green-lined cloud rained what smelt like ammonia but burned like a heavy corrosive. It had a clear iridescence which shimmered on the way down, each droplet burned deep channels into the flesh of the hapless marks as the acid streamed across their skins.

As she gained altitude, Äirisaetheräijatar spoke with an airy bellow which sounded like windblown trees raking together, “Enjoy your free spa, boys, compliments of House Xsy.”

The Deverry Cycle

Daggerspell - first book of the Deverry series

Daggerspell – first book of the Deverry series

This is an epic series of Celtic fantasy novels by Katherine Kerr. I am close to finishing (soon-ish) all fifteen books and I can’t say enough good things about this series and it’s talented author. I can’t even begin to describe the complex woven story lines, so I’ll just leave you all with some links that explain it better than I ever could. Possible spoilers ahead – but it won’t at all take away from reading this sprawling and detailed series. /

infinity by *AlanWind on deviantART


infinity by *AlanWind

via infinity by *AlanWind on deviantART.

Kekai Kotaki – Fantasy Art

Kekai Kotaki

Kekai Kotaki –

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