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Live life, face death

Well, It sure was another nice day out, around 70 degrees. My brother Vin was about to go check out a couple possible jobs just down route 5. He asked if i’d like to go for the ride, and I said sure, why not. It was something to do. He never really asks me to go anywhere, and it felt nice to get out of the house cruising down the street in the sun. After we stopped at a couple places, he wanted to shoot over to his old bosses house that he was pretty close with from another job. We’re in our mother’s car by the way since his car is shot and I don’t have one. Out in the E.H. and Manchester area. Vin heard from a buddy that his “boss” as he calls him was sick and possibly on his way out.. we stopped by the house but didn’t regonize and vehicles that were there. So he went to the bar that was literally just down the road and ran into his son that he knew well. He was told that his boss “papi” had passed away on Saturday. I was there with him, and could easily tell his was pretty upset about it. I never knew the man myself, but he sounded like a really nice guy, and his son, the one that had told us his father has passed, was a nice guy too (heck, just 2 or 3 weeks prior his best friend’s mother died). While we were there we had some drinks together, to mourn a bit. I guess the wake is tomorrow and the funeral the day after. It was a reminder to me just how fragile life is, and to treasure every moment of it. We drove around for a bit, to enjoy the day, and Vin loves to drive. We were in my old town, East Hartford. Swung by his grandparents’ old house to check out the old neighborhood. While driving along he spotted an old friend from when he used to play baseball and stuff. We were out for a good part of the day, but it all seemed to pass in a flash. On the way home we picked up a few more beers for home. In my mind I was reluctant for some reason.. but I said what the hell, why not? I did it for my brother, who could of used a few, and I did it for myself; it’s not often I bound with my brother on this level, it’s not often I drink. With a recent court issue he just found out about when he got home, I really can’t predict what will happen to him next, or when the next time I’ll get the opportunity to chill-out with’em.


Spent another nice day outside again. Not nearly as warm as Wenesday, but still beautiful out. Today was the day I helped my grandfather lay down some fertilizer for the lawn. Went to the store with him to get it so he wouldn’t have to carry it. Also got to see the cats and my aunt’s dogs. Those two dogs can really be a handful, but they’re great. 🙂 I’ll likely go back to help with other work next week. It’s been nice spending some time outside for a change. Can’t wait for more nice weather to come our way. I updated the look and colors of this blog a bit too, so if you’ve been here before be sure to clear your browser’s file cache. It’s late, I’m tired, I’m out. 😛


Spent all day out in the sun today. Was doing some yard work for my grandfather. Poor guy’s getting old, can just about get around lately. So I like to go help out when I can. It was sure a nice day to do it, so warm and sunny out. Got pretty windy in the afternoon but It was still really warming. Got up to around 87 out here in CT. Got my hair cut early this morning so it’d be nice and short to keep nice and cool before I worked. Needed it anyways, grows pretty fast. It’s raining now though. It’ll be cooling off for the rest of the week. I’ll be helping my grandfather some more this Friday with some fertilizer. Can’t wait until the warmer weather returns. 🙂

First Post

Hello o.0′ This is going to be my new blog. It will take the place of my old blog, which I used for a short while. For all intents and purposes it did it’s job I suppose, but I just craved more features. I came across and was amazed to find they were offering a fully featured WordPress blog for nothing, ad-less even. I think they’re the only ones to do this, at least as far as I know, haven’t found any other place like it. Anywho, I’ll try to post as often as I’m able to, or whenever I remember to actually. 😀 It will take me some time to get things sorted out and looking the way I want. The URI for this site is but should also be reachable through shortly.