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2 Years and growing stronger

Whelp, today was my girlfriend and I’s two year anniversary. We had fun today, even though we didn’t have the chance to go out, but we’ll do that this Saturday. She brought over some Munson’s fudge which we split and of course a poem, which she loves writing. I had a poem for her too (which see got me more into writing them since we’ve met) which I has posted on her newly revamped website, which you can see here… it’s nothing too fancy feature-wise, but I’d like to add content and more bells and whistles later on.

I really look forward to Saturday though, since we’ll go out to eat then, after a day of helping my aunt tile her shower. 😛 We’ll probably go out to the olive garden (Edit: Golden Dragon chinese restaurant). 😉 I have to wake up a bit earlier than usual in the morning, so I’ll be off now then.. later!

-Al the Astonishing

Get your geek on

I just started getting into podcasting lately, not the casting part but listening to them, and my favourite is ThisWEEKinTECH. It’s all the former TechTV people before it went down the tubes. They get together every Sunday and talk about various areas of technology. Basically just a bunch of geek speak but it’s also entertaining for the “lite geek” too, as they tend to have this goofy chemistry together and joke around quite a bit.

Also, one of the TechTV people, Kevin Rose, started an online tech show called Systm. You can go grab their pilot episode in a few formats. Kevin and his crew also do thebroken which are darker hackerly type vids he started a while back.

Virus alert as of late last week

Here are the slightly belated (on my behave) but still relevent virus threats out there.

W32/Forbot-AR – A backdoor Trojan that spreads through network
shares, dropping “securitychk.exe” on the infected machine. It
creates a service called “Microsoft Secure Messenger.NET
Service” and allows backdoor access through IRC. (Sophos)

W32/Bagz-D – A mass-mailing worm that can also allows an
attacker to send down additional components through a backdoor.
The attachment will be a .zip or .exe file and it will create a
service called “RPC32”. (Sophos)

W32/Anzae-A – A mass-mailing worm with a Spanish twist. The
message text is in Spanish and the infected attachment is a
.zip. It drops sw.exe, sx.exe, sz.exe and Inzax.exe on the
infected machine. (Sophos)

Troj/Banker-HC – Another password-stealing Trojan that targets
Brazilian banking sites. (Sophos)

W32/Agobot-SJ – This Agobot variant can be used for a number of
purposes, including using the infected machine as proxy,
stealing local information, and more. It spreads through network
shares by exploiting one of four Windows vulnerabilities and
drops “hmlsvc32.exe” on the infected machine. (Sophos)

Troj/Whistler-F – A worm that attempts to delete the contents of
the infected machine’s hard drive. It first drops “whismng.exe”
on the infected machine. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-AZ – A mass-mailer worm that looks like a security or
account warning. The attached file will be ZIP, EXE, PIF, SCR or
CMD and the virus will install “LienVandeKelder.exe” on infected
machines. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-CI – Very similar to Mytob-AZ with the added bonus of
being able to kill anti-virus software running on the infected
machine. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-CJ – Another similar Mytob variant. This one uses
“sky.exe” as the infected file. (Sophos)

Troj/Haxdoor-Y – A Trojan that provides backdoor access to the
infected machine. It sets up the service “AVPX32”. (Sophos)

W32/Eyeveg-G – A backdoor Trojan that spreads through e-mail
with an infected ZIP file. The ZIP itself contains a number of
SCR files. It can be used for key logging, sending e-mail and
monitoring Web traffic. (Sophos)

W32/Oscabot-E – This Trojan tries to spread through AOL Instant
Messenger. It sends a link in a message. If followed, the file
“userint32.exe” will be installed on the target machine.

Troj/Kelvir-P -A new Kelvir worm that spreads like Oscabot
above, except Kelvir uses MSN Messenger. (Sophos)

Troj/Vidlo-J – A downloading Trojan that attempts to grab
“prev.exe” from a predefined site. (Sophos)

Star Wars Rules!

Had fun today with my girlfriend. 😀 We have our little moments like we all do, still going strong. There’s no force in the universe it seems that can take our love away. Okay, enough mushy wushy. ;-P

Last night, I saw Star Wars Revenge of the Sith! I saw it with my buddy Travis and my brother Mike. It kicked so much ass. Great saber battles, space battles, and a nice darkside feel to the whole thing. The whole love drama between Anakin and Padme is quite dry, but who cares? I didn’t watch it for the sappy love scenes, I watched it for the thrilling action. I’d have to say this is going to be my favourite Star Wars episode to date.

The Air is Foul

Well, even with the new hard drive in Jarlyn’s brother’s PC its still messed up. Still has random shutdown issues. Guess I’ll have to deal with the piece of shit further. I also found that Jarlyn and I don’t communicate worth shit when we’re both upset about something, so whatever. We’ll have to work on that one…

The Air is Fair

Today looks to be a fair day again, but sadly the rain returns once again later in the week. Although the rain is a necessity for life, so I’ll get over it. 😉 I am happy since I get to see my girlfriend again today. I have to go back to her house to install a new hard drive into her brother’s computer, a simple task. Then I have to apply Windows XP Pro onto that drive, which takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, not including the updates and software that need to be installed afterward. It’s all good though, I’ll be with my girl Jarlyn one way or another. Doesn’t matter what we do, we always enjoy being around each other.

I am also pleased that I finished reading my book, Parallel Worlds, which dicusses the creation of the universe (multiverse), higher dimensions, various quantum and cosmic theories, and the eventual fate of the cosmos. I enjoyed reading it very much and is perhaps the most interesting book I’ve ever read. I’ll definately be thumbing back through to all the intriqing facts and theories. Now I can go on to read the new science fiction novel I’ve purchased called, Star Dragon, which sounds like an interesting adventure through space in a future time frame. In edition, I also have another science and technology type book to read which has not been finished yet ever since I put it down to read other things. 😀

Current Viral Threats


– A new variant of the Mytob mailer/IRC worm. (One
group reports there are now some 100+ Mytob variants). This one
exploits the Windows LSASS vulnerability and installs itself as
“taskgmr.exe” in the Windows System directory. It can block
access to security-related Web sites by modifying the Windows
HOSTS file. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-CE – Very similar to Mytob-CC above. It too can
harvest e-mail addresses from the infected machine. It spreads
through an e-mail attachment with an extension of BAT, CMD, PIF,
SCR, EXE or ZIP. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-AJ – Another Mytob variant that uses similar
characteristics to the two above. It looks like it comes from
the FBI, Symantec, Microsoft or Yahoo. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-BC – This Mytob variant uses an e-mail that looks like
an account termination message. It too attempts to block access
to security sites by modifying the Windows HOSTS file. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-CF – Another Mytob that tries to mimic an account
termination message. This one drops “1hellbot.exe” on the
infected machine. (Sophos)

Troj/Viper-A – A downloader application that attempts to install
“WMPLAYER.EXE” and “WMPLAYER2.EXE” on the infected machine.

W32/Sdbot-YB – An Sdbot variant that spreads through network
shares and allows backdoor access via IRC. It drops “dewa.exe”
in the Windows System folder. (Sophos)

W32/Rbot-ABX – An Rbot variant that spreads through network
shares by exploiting one of three known Windows vulnerabilities.
It drops “atiupdxx.exe” in the Windows System folder. It can
allow backdoor access through IRC and be used for a number of
malicious purposes. (Sophos)

Kedebe.C – This worm spreads via e-mail using variable message
characteristics. It disables access to security-related Web
sites and terminates anti-virus processes running on the
infected machine. (Panda Software)

Bck/BotMail.C – A worm that operates similar to the SDBot
variants, spreading through network shares and acting as a proxy
for other malicious activity. (Panda Software)

Troj/LanFilt-J – This Trojan installs itself as “mshost.exe” in
the Windows System folder and can be used to steal information
from the infected machine. It sends the bounty to a remote Web
site. (Sophos)

W32/Nopir-B – A Windows worm that displays an anti-piracy
message/image on the infected machine. As it does, it attempts
to delete all .COM and .MP3 files as well as disable a number of
Window utilities, such as task manager. (Sophos)

Wanna Go To Space?

I find out this cool link on

Don’t know if you know about it but I thought it was pretty neat to whom ever is interested in space 😉 Enjoy!

The Sneezing Star

Okay, I am back once again to post. Not even sure what to type really, just didn’t want too much more time to go by before my next post. In order to stay true to the tagline, I’ll just rant and babble.

My allergies have been bad lately. Sinus, stuffy running nose, severe sneezing, and drowsy meds. Pollen count is really high with the trees and stuff budding. Just popped a couple more pills so I continue on with my dizzy high. I do like this time of year though, when the days get nice and warm as things head torward summer. But the last couple weeks here in Connecticut have been cloudy and raining. Had a few nice days in between, but chilly and gloomy for the most part. I got a hold of some real nice Bushnell binoculars for stargazing, but haven’t had any clear nights yet to do it. I’ve always been really into the stars and other celestial objects since I can remember. Used to have a telescope when I was younger that I kept at my grandmother’s house and we used to watch the night sky together. She used to keep track of whenever there was going to be a meteor shower so we wouldn’t miss any. Those were always so amazing to watch; white streaks skipping high across the atmosphere.

I am really interested in Cosmology, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics and extremely fascinated with the latest developtments in the GUT field (Grand Unified Theories). For a while now I’ve been reading a lot about String Theory\M-Theory. Some mind-bending ideas and concepts, I love stuff like that, when you read over something extraordinary and you feel your mind tingle as it absorbs and understands it. Currently I am reading Parallel Worlds: A journey through creation, higher dimensions, and the future of the cosmos, by Michio Kaku. My favourite theoretical physicist. Other books of his I read were, Visions, Hyperspace, Einstein’s Cosmos, and Beyond Einstein: The cosmic quest for the theory of the Universe, co-authored by Jennifer Tompson. I also read Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe, well just about read, need to finish that one up. I put it down a while back to start on other things. I watched the PBS special on Nova that went by the same name as the book and hosted by Brian Greene himself. It was good, you can watch the whole 3 hours online right here. It will introduce you to String Theory, dimensions, and the odd properties on the quantum level. I will still finish the book since it goes into more details than the show could.

I was even thinking about starting a science category on my blog for thoughts and things related to these theories and such ideas.. but nothing mathmatical, as I’m very poor at it. Where I make up for it is my creative imagination to visualize complex physics if read in an easy to understand fashion. Well, I have other things to get back to now. I’ll be sure to come by again and post something. 😉