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Back, and with a new site

Sad to say I’ve been back from the beach since last week (wish I was still there) but haven’t got around to posting yet. It was good spending all that time with my girlfriemd day and night. We never get on each other’s nerves and we don’t fight, we may get cranky now and then, but never fighting. 😉 Even after spending all that time together we still miss each other, now that’s love, or at least an aspect of it. Can’t wait to see her again, but not today. Today is a day of work. I’ve caught up on a lot of computer projects I’ve been doing, so I’ll go help my grandfather with more work that’s needed to be done around his place. The sort of work he’s too old to do now.

*Sips coffee*, mmm… Oh yes, I finally found and installed a cool PHP Content Management System for a nice professional looking, user interactive site. It’s setup on my server over at I’m thinking of merging it with and have all its content on there along with anything else I come up with. Either that or make a separate site out of it, but dunno what to make it on. So I may just pull content from wiredCorpse, with the addtion of other content, since I don’t have much on my current site, mostly links and geeky stuff. The new site however, I’d like it multithemed for different interests and ideas of mine. It’ll take a bit of brainstorming and work, but it’s a good project to keep me busy. I also have my new forum to consider aswell, would be good to make use of it. I haven’t been this excited about creating a website since my early learning days of HTML. Stay tuned and find out.


It’s almost that time. Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving to goto Misqaumicut Beach in Westerly, RI. Going down with my girlfriend and I can’t wait. I haven’t been to Rhode Island’s beach in quite a while. Much better than Connecticut’s beaches in my opinion. We have a nice hotel suite on the beach which has a pool and restuarant. I’m at her place now where I’ve been staying since the weekend. We get back from the beach Thursday afternoon, then I’ll probably stay a couple more nights. Then next week, it’s more work for me :-P. Well, dunno what else… life is dull elsewhere.. so I’ll be back later this week after my fun in the sun.



Yeah I know. Things have been a bit off for me, for some time. I keep forgetting to post and stuff. It’s like a forget I even have a blog at times. I’ll be on vacation next week with my girlfriend, much needed for the both of us. A few of the days we’ll be down at the beach in Rhode Island. Have a hotel on the beach too. Can’t wait, I’m looking slightly white and pastey in many areas. The only tan I have is from the glow of my computer monitors. Anyway, gonna finish this beer, and hit the sack. I’ll post again soon.


Virus Threats..

W32/Rbot-AGH – An Rbot variant that exploits the Windows LSASS
and RPC-DCOM vulnerabilities as it spreads through network
shares. It installs “LimeWire.exe” on the infected machine and
allows backdoor access through IRC. (Sophos)

W32/Sdbot-ZM – This Sdbot variant exploits a number of known
Windows flaws in its attempt to infect a machine. If successful,
it drops “nawdll32.exe” in the Windows System directory and it
can allow backdoor access via IRC. (Sophos)

Troj/Drivol-A – A Trojan that attempts to download and run
malicious code from a remote Web site. It initially installs
“fvek.exe” on the infected machine. (Sophos)

W32/Mytob-BV – Wow, another Mytob variant. Again, it spreads
through e-mail and network shares, providing backdoor access to
the infected machine through IRC. This particular variant drops
“TimeManager.exe” on the infected machine. (Sophos)

Troj/Pyfls-A – Another Trojan that tries to download additional
malicious code from a preconfigured site. It drops “b.tmp” on
the infected host. (Sophos)

W32.Codbot.AL – A new bot that can be used to log keystrokes and
download malware. It spreads by exploiting some well-known
Windows vulnerabilities and provides unauthorized access through
IRC. (Panda Software)

W32.Semapi.A – An e-mail worm that uses variable message
attributes when it spreads. Fortunately, it does display the
message “semapi.dll” cannot be found. (Panda Software)

Hello Blog

Back again. Had a good Independence Day. Had a family cookout yesterday with some chicken, ribs, and of course dogs and burgers, along with many side dishes and snacks. The weather was fair and all the kids went in the pool. Jarlyn and my brother Matt were there which was great, great day indeed. I’ll be seeing my brother again Thursday night for a bonfire, which him and his friend are infamous for doing. I’ve been to a few, fun times. Then Friday is Jarlyn’s birthday, she’ll take the night off and we’ll probably go out some place.

Spent the day today helping my grandfather again. Had to remove bricks out of his walkway were there was a sink hole, I filled it in with dry quickcrete, packed it down nice and tight and wet the top layer which kept it nice and hard. Tomorrow I finish the job, then I help him with some painting and build a picnic table. Eventful week it’ll be, I’ll post again when I can.