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Wow, it’s been an eventful last few weeks for me. Don’t know where to begin really, to lazy to mention it all. Been practicing playing the drums now and again for my brother Matt and friends band. Been out to a blues club a few times to listen to other artists jam out and there’s a sign-up list that they call names from later for other talent that wants to preform. My brother and his friend Matthew went up, my brother vocals, and friend an all around musical talent, this time rythm guitar. They both performed great, as did numerous other people, both young and old.

Now though, my brother is on his way to Arizona, left Monday the 29th, to attend collage down there for culinary arts. He’s staying with a friend and his mother. He’ll be there for 15 months, but I should see him for Christmas. Hope he has fun down there, I know he will. I’m supposed to keep up practicing with his friend (now my friend too), while he is gone. I’ll try and keep up my end of the bargin, while he sorts his life out and practices vocals and such. He’ll be driving the whole way from here, CT to AZ with his Dad, whom will then fly back. I wish them a safe journey. I’ll have some work coming up that I will also be focusing on, so until next time bloggy…

A tiresome life

Sorry, haven’t posted in a long while, again. My life’s too dull, boring, tiring and whatever else right now to find time or topic to post about. One thing though, my brother Matt has been staying with me before he goes off to school in AZ for culinary arts. So for the most part I’ve been having a little fun hanging out with him. Aside from that, the most exciting thing to take place today was I went for a spin with my father in his ’69 Dodge Charger. That was a real blast. Did like 5 or so burnouts down some of our back rouds out here. Will definately have to do that more often. 😉

Anyways, I expect my brother Matt should have been here about now, perhaps he stopped home. We, along with my other two brothers may go out to a movie soon, so I should get ready for that. See’ya around bloggy.

p.s. speaking of tiresome… don’t think I’m eating very healthy lately, in fact I’m sure I am not. Need some more vitamins in my diet. Little more excercise won’t kill me either.