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Hallow’s Eve Plans

Ah, The Eve of Hallowmas. Quite a sacred and blessed night. My girlfriend will be over soon to chill out with me and watch more horror flicks. Tonight I shall hold a ritual at my altar followed by a small fest of Halloween cupcakes and treats thanks to my love, ‘Lady Jarlyn.’ 😉 Tonight shall be great fun. May all souls pass on safely to the Otherworld. Marry meet and merry part. So mote it be.

Did a little art today aswell, which can be found at I’ll try and continue my enchanted writings for as long as this inspiration lasts.

By magicks rite and sorceror’s might,
May the God’s smile on thee tonight.

Rise of the New Moon on Hallows Eve

Thy beheld the turning and the rotting of the leaves
And with this sign reaps the final harvest of Samhain
For the Dark Moon is upon us to bathe the Earth in shadow
The Eve lurks with the creatures of darkest night
May the sightless slay and sever the heads of its gravest enemies
May all souls find safe passage through the Portal of the Dead.

My kutie and me :)

Just dropping by to mention I had great fun with my girlfriend. Crashed at her place last night. We always find great enjoyment with each other. Even if we just stay in and don’t go out any place. We were going to watch a DVD but never did. Ended up watching “The Scariest Places on Earth” on television, in addition to whatever else came on that night. I love this week as they start putting on horror and thriller movies at night. I am back home currently, while Jarlyn is back at her place doing school work, I’m deciding what to do now as well as later. Might roll me a joint tonight, lol. Good times.

Blood Moon

Blessed be, blessed be
As the stars shine down on thee,
Blessed be.

With Autumn’s gale the time is soon,
Behold the rise of the Blood Moon.

A full moon night,
Shall not be a freight,
When a wizard weaves his magick rite.


Gotta love this rain. 🙁 I’m here in Connecticut and New England has been getting rained on for over a week. It poured all day today and serveral hours ago the basement began flooding. Water is still pouring through three of the cellar windows which has left us with around a few inches to a foot of water at one point. Been fighting some of it back with a wet vac and a water pump as well as loads of sand outside the windows. It all helped really only in small amounts, but if not for our efforts, things could be far worse. There’s still plenty of water down here though and it’s still raining. From looking at the radar it should begin to let up soon, perhaps sometime later Saturday morning. I’m gonna crash the first chance I get.. later all.

p.s. I had to move my webserver and also protect my personal PC, as my “HQ” is here in the basement, so my sites will be down, except for this blog of course, which is hosted by 😉

A New Alter

Returned to my magickal roots once again. I had a slight hiatus since I last practiced any sort of magick rites or rituals. As Hallows Eve draws nearer it’s as if my aura flares and I can feel the autumn energies quicken. This time of year has always done that for me. Probably the reason (one of..) why I love this time of year. I am not a very religious person, as in church going, but I feel it is important to have some sort of spirituality and am very open-mined to such mysteries of the divine sort. I like witchcraft and celtic magick and I read a lot on the ancient Enochian texts. I do not feel such things are evil if applied to good, such as nearly all modern witches are. So I’ve moved my alter from where is was due to construction (water damage) and found a new place for it.


Ey.. updated my site a little. Nothing big, just put the old intro page back up for with a short index of my sites to sort of make everything ‘central’ and easier for people to keep track of my pages. When I get around to it I plan on working further on my sites. I’ve also been doing a little fractal work again which you can check out on: One thing I’m really looking to do is get some content on Demonoid, and perhaps my forum which I didn’t bother to link since there’s nothing really there and the phpBB is being a bit buggy right now. When you try and log-in to it it’ll time out but when you refresh the page, viola, you’re logged-in. It also won’t load the Admin Panel. Not sure how to fix it really, so may just re-install it or something.