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Bleak Week

Things may get a little messy this week with rain and snow. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with all the food, but have to be careful eating with my broken tooth which needs some work. Earliest I can get that done though is torward the end of December. I’ll be chewing carefully until then. I also can’t wait to be with my girlfriend again this Friday/Sat. I cherish every moment I’m with her, we’re not together so often. We leave a distance apart from each other and she’s always busy with school and work. Wishing for the day we can finally get a place of our own, but we’ve got some hard work ahead before that happens.

The Night of Hekate

This is a post I made on, since this blog was down at the time.. so here goes, my Hekate night:

So I guess the night went well. A bit frustrating though when you’re mediatating and focusing or reciting something to have other occupants of this domicile (older bro primarily) coming and going and completely interrupting me. Doesn’t make the most neo-Pagan-friendly zone, and not like I could really say anything.

First off a complaint wouldn’t change the fact my brother works at night, with his girl often showing up from her job to come and chill in his room and wait which you have to come downstairs through the main room (mine) in order to get to it.- (Yes, we live in our parents’ basement, what of it?) – Just wish they’d stay at her place more often.

Secondly, no one here is aware of my affairs with occult practices – nor would they begin to even understand or take any of it seriously. To most “magic” is just a fantasy / Hollywood thing that you read about in books and see on screen and have no notion of the true principle of real magick.

I mean sure, practicing magick isn’t going to have the fantastic and miraculous results that the Charmed Ones get on the TV show Charmed. Which I do admittingly watch, but there’s a whole heck of a lot more to real magick, which can in fact bare results if done right along with enough time and pratice devoted. BUT, instead of ranting, I end it here.. for now.

Tree Moon / Hecate Night

It’s a full Tree Moon tonight (following the neo-Pagan moon names; ‘Snow Moon’ for English Medieval). I’ll do some spellwerk and invoke Hecate (ëheh-ka-tayi), as her night falls upon ‘morrows eve.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be
As the crisp fall air fills thee
Blessed Be

While the shaded leaves tumble the time is soon
Behold the rise of the Tree Moon

A full moon night, shall not be a freight
When Hekate roams the sacred night

Love, Despair, + Rock n’ Roll

Had a lil’ chat with some ole hacker buds of mine. Met on Tracejam’s server as usual. It was good to talk of old times and share new tricks and other knowledge that we’ve learned since. Was pretty cool. Also practiced playing the drums over my firend Matt’s house. Guess that’s going okay. I certainly know the bonfire we had was much more fun. 😉

I also feel quite unwell, and down about how my girlfriend and I last parted. I’m very sorry my Kutie. I hope you forgive me for being the usual silent type, and also for getting sick and spoiling our plans. Really hating myself right now.

I <3 you Jarlyn

Samhain Night

All was blessed on Hallowmas.
And so may it always be.
As the moon remains shaded.
Candles have all but faded.

Scribe in the Book of Shades
Thy Magick of the Self
Traversing the unknown
May all be revealed and shown

So Mote It Be!