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Blair: Global warming is advancing – Blair: Global warming is advancing

Over the next century, global warming is expected to raise ocean levels, intensify storms, spread disease to new areas and shift climate zones, possibly making farmlands drier and deserts wetter. – Well no shit, we’ve seen evidence of this already.

Blair’s vow to put climate change at the center of the international agenda during Britain’s leadership of the G8 and the European Union last year met with limited success.

He was unable to overcome the Bush administration’s anti-pathy to the Kyoto climate-change accord — rejected by the U.S. government on the grounds it would damage the economy. British ministers also have acknowledged that Britain is unlikely to meet its own target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2010.

The politicians just better suck it up and not worry so much over our already mostly broken economy. With enough hard work, the Kyoto protocol could be met, but the problem is we’re not even trying. 🙁

Archaeologists find ancient typhoid by the teeth – Archaeologists find ancient typhoid by the teeth

The plague claimed as many as a quarter of the Athenians in the early years of the war, a siege of Athens, according to the ancient writer Thucydides, who himself lived through and described the disease, may have been typhoid fever. The evidence for this was found with the DNA in the dental pulp tested on a few remains in a discovered burial pit.

Stars exiled from the Milky Way – Exiled stars: Milky Way boots members

One of the newfound exiles is moving in the direction of the constellation Ursa Major at about 1.25 million mph with respect to the galaxy. It is 240,000 light-years away. The other is headed toward the constellation Cancer, outbound at 1.43 million miles per hour and 180,000 light-years away. …. Both of the newfound outcasts are outside the galaxy’s main plane but have yet to leave the halo, a bigger sphere of the Milky Way’s influence that is perhaps 300,000 light-years in diameter. But they will leave, said Warren Brown of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

It never ceases to boggle my mind at the vast astronomical distances in space. One light year is around 6 trillion miles, pretty damn far. Perhaps though, one day, when we earn experience in distant space exploration, we could probe one of these stars exile from another neighboring galaxy and study its composition. 🙂

Smallest, most distant exoplanet found – Smallest, most distant planet outside solar system found

The work suggests that such small rocky or icy planets may be more common in the cosmos than Jupiter-sized gas giant planets, researchers said. The discovery also indicates the power of a relatively new method of finding such “exoplanets.”

Gravity theory dispenses with dark matter

New Scientist SPACE – Breaking News – Gravity theory dispenses with dark matter

The work appears to rule out the need to invoke dark matter or another alternative gravity theory called MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics). But other experts caution it has yet to pass the most crucial test – how to account for the afterglow of the big bang.

For now, I am still going to stick with the dark matter theory, such as Sean Carroll says; “Nobody would be happier than me if it turned out to be modified gravity rather than dark matter, but it’s becoming harder and harder to go along with that possibility.”

Black hole puts dent in spacetime – Black hole puts dent in spacetime

A spinning black hole in the constellation Scorpius has created a stable dent in the fabric of spacetime.
Scientists think that all spinning black holes emit two stable frequencies, and that the frequencies are closely tied to the black hole’s mass and spin.

Japanese scientists find million-year-old ice – Japanese scientists find million-year-old ice

The ice sample was taken from a depth of 9,994 feet into the Antarctic ice sheet near the Japanese camp at Fuji Dome … The oldest sample yet recovered from Antarctica was 800,000 years old. That sample was collected by a team of scientists from the European Union.

This may be a chance to study ancient air pockets from this sample which could provide insights on the changes in the in the composition of the earth’s atmosphere which could help us in the study of our changing climate.

ATI Radeon X1900

ATI Radeon X1900 Hardware Review on ExtremeTech

Can ATI take back the crown from Nvidia and their industry-leading 7800 GTX 512MB with the release of ATI’s X1900 XTX, X1900 XT, and X1900 CrossFire Edition?

Archeologists unearth 1,300 skeletons – Archeologists unearth 1,300 skeletons

The bones were found during a dig before the site is developed as part of a 350 million-pound ($630 million) shopping mall.

Pretty wild. Don’t go building that mall there unless you’re sure the area is clear and consecrated, wouldn’t want a haunting now. 😉

Archaeologists find tomb under Roman Forum – Archaeologists find tomb under Roman Forum

Archaeologists were excavating under the level of the ancient forum, a popular tourist site, when they dug up the tomb, which they suspect is part of an entire necropolis, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

“I am convinced that the excavations will bring more tombs to light,” ANSA quoted Rome’s archaeology commissioner, Eugenio La Rocca, as saying.

Trek to Pluto underway – New Horizons probe starts 3 billion-mile trek to Pluto

“The U.S has a spacecraft on its way to Pluto, on to the Kuiper Belt and on to the stars,” said mission scientist Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., at a post-launch briefing.

Next year, a gravity “slingshot” boost from the planet Jupiter will push the probe’s speed up to 47,000 mph, cutting three to five years of time from a more than 3 billion-mile trip to Pluto.

I can’t wait until July 14, 2015 when the probe arrives at Pluto, it’s finds should be interesting. Pluto can perhaps tell us many interesting things about our solar system, maybe even how it formed.

Feds after Google data | 01/19/2006 | Feds after Google data

Feds are putting their nose where it don’t belong once again, do you think this is right?

How Subway ads ended up in Counter-Strike

Following the money: how Subway ads ended up in Counter-Strike

I found this quite funny. “Subway ads had been popping up in the popular on-line game Counter-Strike without Valve’s permission and in explicit violation of the game’s EULA.” Now when you’re gettin’ yo pwn on rackin’ up those kills you’ll get a sudden craving for a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich.

See article for image.