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The Truth Behind the Matrix

Note: the following report was written to accompany White Hat Report #48 which has as of this date been delayed and may possibly never see the light of day due to either quiet coercion behind the scenes or outright threats to the life of certain members of the group known as “The White Hats” who publish reports on a fairly regular basis revealing financial corruption at the highest levels of government specifically in the U.S. but also involving other world powers and players. I have therefore decided to release my portion of the report without #48 so that the truth may at least be told with regard to what lies behind that report. For more information about #48 please see (the recent update from the White Hats) and the following transcript and audio from my recent radio show conversation with “Tman of the White Hats” concerning this report.


On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 The White Hats released the above statement (see link above)…


Project Camelot and many other individuals and researchers have been investigating the range and depth of this vast conspiracy underground, beneath the perception of the masses i.e. the reality beneath the Matrix for many years. As most readers will know, the concept of the Matrix (the surface fabrication of our reality) is known and was popularized by the movie of the same name. This, now, is common knowledge. Taking the red pill or the blue pill is ultimately what you do when you read this report or should you decide you aren’t interested in waking up to the reality of what is going on under your feet (literally) and prefer to go back to sleep. So this is the choice you have.

The Secret Space Program

The trail of the Octopus, also known as the Shadow Government can be detected by following the money. PUREHEART INVESTMENTS is the top tier of a network of front companies and trading programs that result in vast sums of money being earned. Money earned on money. The White Hats have followed the money and that rabbit hole ultimately leads to BLACK PROJECTS. Black Projects are called “black” because they are hidden, that is, in the dark. These projects are part of a clandestine network run by the Shadow Government also known as The Secret Space Program.

As a recent Project Camelot witness, physicist and author, Richard Alan Miller, said so succinctly to the audience at his latest workshop, “There are two human civilizations on Earth. One that has space travel and one that does not.” The ones that do, are part of a vast network going off-world and into Space called for simplicity’s sake “the secret space program”.

Rhodes scholar finalist and historian Rich Dolan calls this a “rogue civilization” and in fact that is exactly what it is, what it has become. Regardless of how it started out. In Volume II of his highly regarded and substantial history UFOs AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, Rich writes, …”Six decades of classified expenditures (and other forms of secret spending) have provided ample resources to apply principles and technologies that have remained sealed off from the rest of humanity. This development alone is enough to justify the greatest secrecy.”

What has become evident is that The Secret or Shadow Government established the Secret Space Program and Black Projects by virtue of having access primarily to two important advantages, backed by the might of the military industrial complex: money and ET technology.

A Word About the History of ET Technology Acquisition

It is known that Tesla was himself, was aware that he was ‘in contact’ with an unknown race of off-planet beings who downloaded to him the key concepts behind certain technology. In describing the history of our interaction with off-world (and inter/intra dimensional races and the acquisition of special technologies, you can, for example, go back to the days of Eisenhower and his famed meeting with at least 2 groups of ETs (Greys and Nordics) at Muroch Air Force Base (now known as Edwards Air Force Base). However, that is just one of many places to start. From all indications, …”we are not alone and we have never been alone”, to quote Command Sergeant Robert O. Dean, a whistleblower who violated his security oath in order to inform the people regarding the truth behind the reality of ET visitation.

Another logical place (well documented by scholars and researchers such as Jim Marrs (THE FOURTH REICH) and Joseph Farrell, (author of SAUCERS, SWASTIKAS AND PSYOPS: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations), is to go back to the days of the Nazis and the establishment of the German high command. They made contact with a race of ETs through the Vril Society (a small group of women who were “channeling”). The Nazis are also said to have conducted careful research into the flying saucers of India called Vimanas (chronicled in the great writings such as the Upanishads etc). They are also known to have confiscated and horded hidden archeological records and relics of inestimable value for scientific study… Because of this, Nazis made huge leaps forward into technologies involving space and time travel. (see the Nazi Bell and Camelot interview with Igor Witkowsky).


Do Psychedelics Expand the Mind by Reducing Brain Activity?

What would you see if you could look inside a hallucinating brain? Despite decades of scientific investigation, we still lack a clear understanding of how hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), mescaline, and psilocybin (the main active ingredient in magic mushrooms) work in the brain. Modern science has demonstrated that hallucinogens activate receptors for serotonin, one of the brain’s key chemical messengers. Specifically, of the 15 different serotonin receptors, the 2A subtype (5-HT2A), seems to be the one that produces profound alterations of thought and perception. It is uncertain, however, why activation of the 5-HT2A receptor by hallucinogens produces psychedelic effects, but many scientists believe that the effects are linked to increases in brain activity. Although it is not known why this activation would lead to profound alterations of consciousness, one speculation is that an increase in the spontaneous firing of certain types of brain cells leads to altered sensory and perceptual processing, uncontrolled memory retrieval, and the projection of mental “noise” into the mind’s eye.

The English author Aldous Huxley believed that the brain acts as a “reducing valve” that constrains conscious awareness, with mescaline and other hallucinogens inducing psychedelic effects by inhibiting this filtering mechanism. Huxley based this explanation entirely on his personal experiences with mescaline, which was given to him by Humphrey Osmond, the psychiatrist who coined the term psychedelic. Even though Huxley proposed this idea in 1954, decades before the advent of modern brain science, it turns out that he may have been correct. Although the prevailing view has been that hallucinogens work by activating the brain, rather than by inhibiting it as Huxley proposed, the results of a recent imaging study are challenging these conventional explanations.

The study in question was conducted by Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris in conjunction with Professor David Nutt, a psychiatrist who was formerly a scientific advisor to the UK government on drugs policy. Drs. Carhart-Harris, Nutt, and colleagues used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the effects of psilocybin on brain activity in 30 experienced hallucinogen users. In this study, intravenous administration of 2 mg of psilocybin induced a moderately intense psychedelic state that was associated with reductions of neuronal activity in brain regions such as the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC).

The mPFC and ACC are highly interconnected with other brain regions and are believed to be involved in functions such as emotional regulation, cognitive processing, and introspection. Based on their findings, the authors of the study concluded that hallucinogens reduce activity in specific “hub” regions of the brain, potentially diminishing their ability to coordinate activity in downstream brain regions. In effect, psilocybin appears to inhibit brain regions that are responsible for constraining consciousness within the narrow boundaries of the normal waking state, an interpretation that is remarkably similar to what Huxley proposed over half a century ago.

The findings reported by Dr. Carhart-Harris are notable because they run counter to the results of previous imaging studies with hallucinogens. Generally, these imaging studies in humans have confirmed what previous studies in animals had suggested: hallucinogens act by increasing the activity of certain types of cells in multiple brain regions, rather than by decreasing activity as indicated by Dr. Nutt’s fMRI study. For example, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) experiments conducted by Dr. Franz Vollenweider in Zürich demonstrated that administration of psilocybin orally to humans increases metabolic activity in mPFC and ACC, effects that were found to be directly correlated with the intensity of the psychedelic response. Preclinical studies, using a variety of different techniques, have shown that hallucinogens increase network activity in the prefrontal cortex and in other cortical regions by activating excitatory and inhibitory neurons, leading to increased release of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.

via Do Psychedelics Expand the Mind by Reducing Brain Activity?: Scientific American.

The Fractal Brain Theory

2012 & the Fractal Brain Theory from Paradigm Shift Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

Neuroscience thinker, Wai H. Tsang presents a Revolutionary Fractal Theory of Brain, Mind & Consciousness

Some major parallels here with Multisense Realism approach, especially toward the end. While he grounds the convergence of science, philosophy, and religion in God/consciousness, I see that consciousness itself is a spectrum of sense. To his insights I would add that epistemology ultimately is ontology, as the capacity for knowing is an elaboration of feeling and sensation. The capacity for sensation is being, and being is impossible without the capacity for sensation.

Who Killed Aaron Swartz?

On January 11, 2013, according to indoctrination organs of the criminal Syndicate calling itself the US government (a Syndicate comprised, for the most part, of big bankers, generals, spooks and, below them, their puppets in the White House and gubernatorial mansions, Congress and state legislatures, and almost the entire judiciary), Aaron Swartz, aged 26, killed himself.

Many on the internet have already traced Aaron’s tragic and untimely death directly to the Syndicate. I wish to add my voice to this growing chorus, placing this recent event in a somewhat larger context of historical scholarship.

In relating this story, the Syndicate’s propaganda organs conveniently forgot four crucial points:

1. The Syndicate had excellent reasons to wish Aaron dead.

2. As in most cases of covert Syndicate assassinations (e.g., Fred Hampton, Richard Wright, Ernest Hemingway), Aaron’s death was preceded by a vicious, totally unjustified, campaign of surveillance, harassment, vilification, and intimidation.

3. The Central Institute of Assassinations (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Intimidations (FBI) can and do kill people while making the murder look like suicide.

4. In America, England, and most other countries, painstaking research by people like Kevin Barett, Jim Douglass, Jim Fetzer, Jim Garrison, David Helvarg, and William F. Pepper discloses an unmistakable pattern: influential friends of the people (and hence, enemies of the Syndicate) tend to die before they reach old age, often under bizarre circumstances. This pattern has an obvious corollary: when friends of the Syndicate dies prematurely, we can reasonably assume, with a high degree of probability, that the Syndicate killed them.

1. The Syndicate had excellent reasons to kill Aaron Swartz

In an online “manifesto” dated 2008, Aaron wrote: Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” He dedicated his life precisely to the goal of depriving the Syndicate of this power.

According to Wikipedia,

Swartz co-authored the “RSS 1.0″ specification of RSS, and built the website framework and the architecture for the Open Library. Swartz also focused on sociology, civic awareness and activism.

“Swartz’s Web savvy took him from Internet entrepreneur to online activist, co-founding Demand Progress, a group that campaigns for progressive public policy — in particular fighting against Internet censorship. His crusades boosted his status as something of a folk hero.” Demand Progress had over one million members.

This figure of 1,000,000 is extremely important, for it shows, beyond all doubt, that, like John Lennon and President Kennedy, Aaron posed a real threat to the status quo. This threat is acknowledged by the Syndicate’s own indoctrination organs. For instance, National Propaganda Radio put it thus:

“Swartz had an enormous following in the technology world” and was one of the “most influential figures in talking about technology’s social, cultural and political effect.” The independent Electronic Frontier Foundation concurs: Swartz “did more than almost anyone to make the internet a thriving ecosystem for open knowledge, and to keep it that way.”

As well, Aaron spoke against US President Barack Obama’s “kill list” and cyber attacks against Iran.

Aaron was “a frequent television commentator and the author of numerous articles on a variety of topics, especially the corrupting influence of big money on institutions including nonprofits, the media, politics, and public opinion. From 2010-11, he researched these topics as a Fellow at the Harvard Ethics Center Lab on Institutional Corruption. He also served on the board of Change Congress, a good government nonprofit.”


Cyber Subculture

I don’t call myself a hacker. It’s a title that is earned, not self-appointed. I’m also not an über programmer with “mad skillz” nor am I some sort of script kiddie who makes believe he’s ‘leet like mitnick’ or some such silly thing. I’ve been drawn in by the hacker subculture since the early 90s when I was getting into computers, dialing into BBS’ in the pre-AOL era I became familiar with the scene and found my mind resonated with the hacker mind-set. What began as friendly conversation lead to co-op stuff. I’ve always been artsy/creative so I did ANSI art or design work for anyone who requested it, either in trade for warez or for fun. Anyhow to keep it short, I gained enough prestige with one group that I was encouraged into a more prominent support role which ultimately lead to a leadership position in a whole OTHER group which is a long story. I may tell more if you come off anon ;P or if anyone else is genuinely interested in this stuff. [src]

Weird day today, hmph…

So, I guess I’ll continue on with my story from earlier.

I gained enough prestige with one group (THG) that I was encouraged into a more prominent support role which ultimately lead to a leadership position in a whole OTHER group (MJ12).

The Humble Guys (THG) was a PC warez group where I created cracktros and .NFO files. I especially enjoyed doing nfo files. I was always in a “zen-like” state (high) while doing them in editors like E (PC-DOS), edit (MS-DOS) or later on, ACiDDraw. [code page 437 rEwLz!]

Anyhow, after chumming it up with these humble hackers for some time, exchanging more work for more favors they gradually took more interest in me and even began doing other things like helping to organize parties, etc. At one point they steered me in the direction of a comrade at ACiD Productions for a simple gig (I think someone owed someone else a favor). Afterwards one of the people I collaborated with on the ACiD gig mentioned something about forming a sub group or separate group with a broader focus than just ascii or warez. I said sure but the punchline was yet to come. He tells me that one of the areas of focus was to rain hellfire and brimstone down upon AOL (this is back in ‘95).

I thought it was a joke but he wasn’t laughing, though he was grinning like an imp. “Why?” I asked. “Why the hell not?” he said. “It’ll be like fish in a barrel man, not to mention fun.” I prodded him further on it and turns out the guy just didn’t like the idea of walled gardens, I agreed, but I knew it was just a good excuse to wreak cyber havok. I then asked him who else he had in on this and he tells me that it’s just the two of us so far but that he was “workin” on getting a couple of people he knew to join which I took to mean that they probably weren’t that interested. I tell him to sit tight for a day or two while I go back to my BBS and IRC chill spots to see if I could perhaps raise the interest of a few individuals.

To my surprise it turned out that more than a few were interested, ten to be exact. Many of them with a broad array of talents and nearly half were noted figures in other groups at the time. My comrade was so impressed by my quick corralling of cyber talent that he insisted I take point in the new group, and we called ourselves the Majority Twelve (MJ12).

Would you like to know more? [insert coin]