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Dreamscape: Part II

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(This is a continuation from a previous dream first mentioned here.)

I found myself back on the top level of the ruined castle tower, restored to my normal human form.

I walk over to the edge and look out across the moon-lit sky in the direction that the dark sorceress flew off into. A swirling trail can be seen, as if bits of ash were fluttering above a camp-fire. I reach into my pocket to pull out a couple of small spheres. They glimmer in the palm of my hand like silver ball bearings marbled with copper. I mutter something in a language unfamiliar to me. It felt as though someone else had spoke with my lips. The spheres then promptly lifted into the air and flew off to follow the burnt bread crumbs left by the sorceress.

I watched for a bit, mesmerized by what just happened. For that moment, I didn’t feel like I was in control. Where did those two spheres come from? How did I know how to use them? What was that command given in some strange alien language? Well, the effect was at least obvious. They were meant to track down whatever they were told to, in this case, the dark sorceress.

One thing I did know, was that this was still a dream, and in my dreams, I could fly. I fix my gaze onto the spheres in the distance as I focus on the thought of flying. I step off the edge of the tower and float into the night sky, quickly catching up to the spheres. The cool crisp air flows through my hair. The sound of my cotton shirt and denim shorts flapping in the wind was nearly deafening. Watching the hilly, tree-laced terrain unfurl like a scroll beneath me against an oil painted sky. It was all so beautiful, I could soar forever while taking in the view. It was easy to forget I was on a mission.

I had been flying for several miles, just how many exactly, I couldn’t be sure. I notice the tracking spheres rapidly drop in elevation, I pursue. What ever had remained of the bread crumb trail left behind by the sorceress had long since dispersed, so I was relying totally in the spheres tracking abilities by this point. Whether these tracking abilities were by some internal mechanism within, or some sort of external force was a thought tugging the back of my mind. As the spheres and I begin to skim above the tree-tops, I can see a large structure in the clearing ahead. It was a great hill, with a massive, round stone fortress-like building embedded into the top of the hill. I can only guess this was the lair of the dark sorceress.

(…more to come.)