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So I have another dream I want to share. This took place the other night so not as clear now. I know, I know, I should be writing these sooner. There’s many other dreams which I’ve never shared, so at least I’m writing this one.

This dream starts with me walking into a classroom. I feel this is around 5th or 6th grade judging by the age of the kids. I’m a kid too since my eye-level is around the same height as the other kids. The first thing I notice as I walk in is a pretty girl in a black dress standing by her desk. The atmosphere seems pretty laid back. One student is laying on her desk as she reads a book. Others are scattered about doing random things.

I wander down a row of desks and find a seat I like and get comfortable. I look up toward the front of the classroom and realize there’s a teacher writing something on the chalk board. The words are in some illegible cursive but decide I should attempt to write it down. I look down by the side of my chair where a black backpack suddenly appears. Reaching into the front zipper pocket I pull out a handful of pencils in a variety of lengths. The perspective of the pencils seem oddly distorted, like viewing them through a fish eye lens. After selecting one of the longer Ticonderoga style pencils with a nice sharp point I begin (trying) to write the notes on the board. I don’t get too far before being distracted by a rustling noise behind me.

I turn around to see an older man with greying facial hair reading a newspaper, bright light pouring through the large window behind him. He makes eye contact with me as he lowers the newspaper, my gaze slowly zooming in like a movie camera. His eyes are an intense blue and his stare becomes increasingly intimidating. The zooming stops abruptly and he asks in a booming voice, “Did you write?” “Have you written anything?”

The dream immediately jump cuts to another scene, which was pretty jarring. I’m standing outside in some grassy field that probably hasn’t been mowed for several weeks. Straight ahead of me about 25 feet and maybe 10 or so feet above the ground, I see randomly shifting geometric patterns in black silhouette against a blue partly cloudy sky. Some of the shapes are flat and simple… squares, triangles, circles, rings that are transparent in the center—and some are more complex 3D polygonal shapes with more sides than I could count. Also, there were one-dimensional black birds flying out in different directions. (WTF?)

My eyes track one of the birds as it flies off and fades against a white fluffy cloud in the distance… blurring between sleep and consciousness as I wake.